How to Build a Post Box for Your Home

newly built post boxAt times, it is time consuming to go to town to check your mailbox. It is even worse if you get to your town only to find that it does not have any letter or maybe you find a less important letter. The perfect solution to such scenarios is having a postbox at your home wherein you can check it frequently without getting tired.

There are two main ways of building a postbox at home. The first, also the referred to as the simplest method, involves purchasing a mailbox from a local post office and subsequently installing it at home. The second method entails building a postbox from scratch. It is important to state that self-made mailboxes have to conform to the standard rules of manufactured boxes. To get such information, you will have to contact your local post office.

Materials necessary for the construction of self-made mailboxes include tape measure, carpenter square, wood chisel, posthole digger, lever, wood screws, screwdriver, paint, waterproof wood glue, and wood. Some of the standard rules worth consideration include the following: the postbox should go 24 inches deep into the ground, the mailbox should the 40-45 inches above the ground, house or apartment number should be on the mailbox, and it needs to be in an open place.

It is good to ensure that you build a robust postbox to evade incidences such as bending or breaking due to unfortunate accidents. Most governments recommend using aluminum pipes of diameter 2” for support or wooden support of A4” x 4”.

The best place to erect or position your mailbox is next to your door or gate, although it is good to ensure the place is safe. You can also place your postbox inside the compound, provided it is in a conspicuous place.

In consideration of the fact that mailboxes easily wear out due to changes in weather, it is good practice to maintain them regularly.