Our Mission

Welcome to Resistoflex Aerospace. Our mission is to educate children from 6-14 years to be proactive and to try out new things, especially building their own little things. It’s unbelievable valuable to learn basic construction skills at a young age and if you encourage them as a parent to visit our site regularly, they can obtain benefits that will help them with their job application after finish high school.

Are you encouraging your children to learn about construction and building?

All we ask you to do is let them use Resistoflex-Aerospace.com once a day for one to two hours, read through our tutorials on how to build, maintain and repair and then just be patient and let them try out things. Don’t be surprised when they present you with a self-built postbox two weeks later or the prototype of a SMA inverter.

Don’t worry too much, parents, and let your children create, build and repair. Even if they don’t get it right at their first attempt, just be patient and help them as much as you can.

The Resistoflex Aerospace Team